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We at imageonline-co-transparentimage-45.pngHealthy Wholesome Homemade, have made a promise to the environment that we would step up and do our part by educating a zero waste, plastic free lifestyle through replacement products, vlog product reviews, grocery substitutions and books.

Here you will find information and tutorials for EVERYTHING zero waste as well as all zero waste products. If we don’t sell it directly on our website, we can offer you a discount at one of our ambassador partnership shops at the cheapest cost to you, to make your zero waste lifestyle as easy as possible.



We pride ourselves in helping you find the BEST environmentally safe, biodegradable, compostable, eco friendly beauty,  household and food products!


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Save the Earth by doing your part – GO GREEN 

How Can YOU help the planet?

Environmental pollution is one of the key problems faced in our modern world. Though there have been massive technological advancement in these recent days, it has also invited negative effects to the environment. By doing a simple thing like planting a tree, we shall be making the world a better place and for sure we shall always live to be proud of our achievement.

Saving the environment is not just an issue anymore. It is a survival truth. Individuals, organisations and governments need to come together and join hands to protect what is left of our planet so that the future is not wiped out totally.

Experts say that proper handling of waste materials, such as reusing or disposing of them properly, should constitute an important part of our efforts to preserve energy and protect the environment. Countries worldwide should use less coal and more reusable power like hydro or solar power.

Let us plan our cities according to the available water resources and not avail water for too many homes that have been crammed into development. Saving energy reduces air pollution and greenhouse gases. The less we pollute our environment, the more we prevent global warming. Let us check the seas from rising and submerging our lands.

Increasing number of organisations are being formed to prevent the planet from premature extinction. More and more corporates have joined the race to save the planet. We can simply begin by buying recycled products for our office, home or school. The greater the demand for recycled products, the more these companies will be encouraged to add recycled material to their products.

We can also make simple changes, like using reusable bags and containers. It takes up to 1000 years for one plastic bag to break down in the earth. One person using reusable bags over their lifetime would remove more than 22,000 plastic bags from the environment. Isn’t that an even better incentive?

We should try and conserve electricity by turning off the lights, TV, or other electrical appliances when not in use. Use cold water in the washer whenever possible.

Buy fewer disposable products. Ban plastic –  not just in your home, bring your own reusable cutlery and straws with you. Buy more fuel-efficient cars (such as a hybrid or electric) and recycle your engine oil. Use public transit whenever possible. Let us walk more and drive less to conserve fuel and prevent auto-emission.

We should avoid littering our roads and highways. And prevent others from doing so. Always dispose your litter properly. Littering is not just bad for the environment; it is also an offence carrying heavy fines.

We use more organic fertilisers. Our farms need less pesticides and more organic methods.

Plant trees to improve air quality. Take a stand against deforestation. Losing our rainforests means losing millions of trees that would otherwise be cleaning the air for us. Let’s teach our children to respect Nature.

Clean the waters, Oceans and Rivers. Don’t use harmful chemicals when cleaning or bathing. Don’t dump waste into our water systems. Use compostable tampons, diapers and organic packaging.

There are many things that only one person can do to change the world. Lets start now so our children can reap the benefits of a better and cleaner earth.

Compassion towards the ground we walk on may even stop wars. This is YOUR Future – YOUR CLEAN PLANET!


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