Keto Cooking

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  1. This looks amazing! I have hazelnut flour but no pecan flour… do you think that would work or should I get/make pecan flour?
    Thanks for such great recipes!

  2. Hi I want to make this can you tell me how to make the coconut topping and also the gel coloring has sugar In it? Can you use food coloring instead?

    • Hi Kristine!
      We use Wilton gel colouring and it has no sugar as confirmed by the manufacturer. Also the coconut flakes recipe is in my big book. Basically you just mix coconut, colouring and a few drops of water in a ziplock bag for each separate colour. Dry out over night on a paper towel. I hope you enjoy! This is one of my favorite desserts!! -Stephanie Jamie

  3. There’s literally no way to click on any link, recipe… There’s nothing. Only a picture of the pie.

  4. Everything looks wonderful…but none of the recipes open for me. Does one need to subscribe to open your recipes here?

  5. Hi. How are you getting to 5.5 net carbs? 29g carbs – 8.7g fiber is 20.3g or am I missing something?

  6. wow, I think these are the only low carb macarons with proper feet! I’ve been trying to create low carb macarons and they taste fine, but the feet just aren’t there. Any tips for the rise? Do you use the typical macaronage principles?