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  1. I’d love it if it was gluten free! Is there a way to substitute vital wheat gluten? Perhaps with xanthan gum?

  2. Did you attempt to make a low carb macaron using the Italian meringue method? I haven’t seen any low carb recipes using Italian rather then the French method.

  3. My batter didn’t get fluid and do the figure eight thing they always talk bout with regular Macarons. Did I do it wrong, or is that because this batter uses sugar substitute and isn’t supposed to do the figure eight thing? Thanks!

    • The figure 9 method you’re referring to is to help the egg whites hold their fluff. This is essential to make sure the batter doesn’t fall. You can fold gently or do the figure 8 method. as long as the egg whites keep form and you’re gentle.

  4. is the baking powder to help with the rise. I make regular macrons and it’s not used. Is it needed because the erythritol sugar acts differently?