Keto Coach Certification

More clients, now than ever are seeking help with using a ketogenic diet and lifestyle to heal, lose weight, boost their energy, and change their life.

In 2017, the keto diet became the most-searched diet in the world, and now in 2020, the Ketogenic Living Coach Certification is your opportunity to grow your wellness business and expand your practice.

Now is the time to start changing lives and rapidly growing your business!

Whether you are a seasoned health and fitness professional, or simply a keto fan who is looking to leverage this lifestyle to help the people in your life, this program will give you the information and done-for-you resources needed to build a thriving business, while helping people become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.  

The Keto Coach Certification gives you both the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively coach clients in adopting a ketogenic lifestyle, as well as the tools and tactics to attract more clients.

You Get Both:

The Coach Certification

This is an easy-to-understand and implement course that will help you safely and effectively help your clients find a way to make the ketogenic lifestyle work for THEM:

  • 6 Comprehensive Modules that guide you – at your own pace – through everything from the science behind keto, how to calculate macros, HIIT-style workouts, keto for chronic disease, plateau-busting strategies, and how to successfully operate your Ketogenic coaching business. Complete at your own pace – you’ll get lifetime access.
  • Certification Exam: A 60-question exam that you can take when you’re ready (required completion with 6 months) to achieve your certification.
  • Coach Certification Diploma: Once you successfully complete the program and pass the exam, we’ll email you a beautiful diploma.
  • Relevant Updates: As important, relevant studies about the ketogenic lifestyle are made available, our team updates the science and information in this certification to ensure that it’s the most up-to-date certification possible. You’ll get all future updates for free, with lifetime access to the coaching modules.
  • Keto Living Coaches Community: Going forward, your fellow coaches will help to support and guide you with access to our online community.

The Keto Program Teaching Guide

You get access to all of the materials and tools that I’ve used to build my own coaching and consulting business:

  • My full Keto Program Teaching Guides to use with your own clients (these are what I use with personal clients – and you can brand them as your own and present to your clients). These are 4 entire packages (Keto for beginners, Keto Program, Keto Program Plus and 3 Month Coaching Package), so that you can start coaching your clients through immediately.
  • Full Nutrition Resources for Your Clients: This includes meal plans, pantry lists, and recipes..
  • Written Workouts: A full printable guide for 60 day workouts.
  • My Entire Sales Email Guide: This includes the five-email sequence that I use to move a client from potential to paying.
  • Client Intake Form: Use this to onboard your clients.
  • Liability Waiver: To protect yourself and your business. 
  • My Cookbooks: The exact cookbooks I authored and are free for your clients to use at their leisure depending on program purchased.


You’ve got questions… we have the answers!!

Am I right for this program?

This program is suited for people who believe in the science behind the ketogenic diet, who want to help others lose weight and prevent chronic and life-threatening diseases, and who are willing to provide 1:1 coaching to help their clients succeed. You can be a seasoned fitness pro, health coach, nutritionist, or someone who is interested in breaking into the health and wellness industry with a cutting-edge nutrition and fitness program. Perhaps you are affiliated with a wellness company, earning a small percentage of income from the products you sell, this certification would be a way to increase your knowledge, provide superior programming, and make 100% of the money earned on each client you work with. Maybe you are a personal trainer or group fitness instructor looking to simplify your business, this certification would allow you to offer proven nutrition strategies to help current clients increase lean muscle while torching body fat, and to work with more clients via online group programs. Hey, if you are a Ketogenic Living 101 graduate whose life has been drastically improved by this program and you are ready to share it with the world, this certification gives you everything needed to bring the ketogenic lifestyle to your friends, family, community, and beyond!

What does it mean to be a “Keto Certified Coach?”

As a Certified Coach, you will be able to run your own Keto-Certified Coaching online and/or in-person programs, using all of our content and materials. Your initial investment gives you the rights to the full program content and all marketing materials. You keep 100% of your profits from all of the programs you run!

How long will it take me to become certified?

This is an online program that allows you to go at your own pace, however, you do have a six-month limit to take the exam. Some participants will finish in 1-2 weeks, and some may take the full six months. 

Are there any recurring fees/ongoing costs?  

Absolutely not! At some point, you may want to consider investing in my business coaching services and other marketing packages, but once you become a Keto-Certified Coach, you are family. Family is love, and love don’t cost a thing.  

Will I be required to purchase any products/supplements, or join a “team”?  

Not at all! Keto-Certified Coaching program participants are never required to buy programs, products or supplements. Think of the Keto-Certified Coaching Certification program as a college course. There are some recommended readings and podcasts to deepen your understanding of the ketogenic world, however, everything you need to know to be a successful Keto-Certified Coach is provided in the program modules.

If you are affiliated with a direct sales company and/or are already in the wellness industry, I will teach you how to incorporate your current offerings into your Keto-Certified Coach business.

Are Payment Plans accepted? 

Yes! We offer a six-month plan that is automatically billed each month.

What sets the Keto-Certified Coaching Program apart from the rest? is a trademarked organization and no one else is able to use the certification trademark. We area accreditation organization that follows specific standards of the ketogenic diet.



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