The Best Keto Pasta / Fettuccini Noodles (2 ingredients)

   The NUMBER TWO requested recipe from the Keto world has got to be a perfect low carb pasta. Well, I have some amazing news for you! I have perfected my recipe to create such a thing! It has all keto approved ingredients and tastes the exact same as real fettuccini!

Apple Flax Oatmeal – Healthy Wholesome Kids Recipe

This no sugar added Apple Flax Oatmeal is made with flax and quick oats making it great to help with constipation, upset tummies and great for a balanced diet. Gluten-free, dairy-free, child approved, and great for breakfast or dessert! This recipe is also Paleo and Keto friendly (in small servings). Follow Healthy Wholesome Homemade on … Continue reading Apple Flax Oatmeal – Healthy Wholesome Kids Recipe

KETO Asian Sesame Salad

This recipe is Keto, Gluten Free, Paleo, Sugar Free and Grain Free The one thing I miss about eating bad for you - foods are the salads you would get at the sushi restaurant prior to your main dish. I LOVED the dressing.  Salty, sweet and delicious! Well - I have good news for you, I've recreated it and its spectacular!