KETO Gingerbread Cookies (sooo good!)

Great for decorating and easy to work with! DEFINITELY my fav Christmas cookie this year to eat.

Get your baking stuff out right now, because you don’t want to skip making these. don’t forget to check out my Keto, Low Carb Holiday Cookbook to get more yummy holiday treats such as this one!

Keto Funnel Cake with Caramel Drizzle

Keto- Gluten Free- Paleo, Sugar Free and Grain Free
I LOVE FUNNEL CAKE! – This Recipe is amazing for funnel cake! You can make it into a large funnel cake by just squirting the batter into the hot oil and then flipping. ORRR you can make little dippers!  I prefer the dippers because they are sharable and get crunchy on the ends. 

Low Carb Pull Apart Christmas Tree (Keto Friendly)

It’s CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! I’m a low carb holiday expert! If you haven’t noticed, I just dropped my new paperback published book Homemade Holidays! It has amazing recipes just like this one so check it out! Keto- Paleo- Gluten free- Egg Free- Sugar free- Grain free- Starch free! This pull apart tree is super easy toContinue reading “Low Carb Pull Apart Christmas Tree (Keto Friendly)”