Everything & Cheddar Bagels Easy at Home Recipe – Bakery Delicious!

We have developed a great bagel recipe that tastes just like you picked them up from the bakery! I know bagels can be tedious to make because of the poaching and resting processes. But use this fool proof method and you will have amazing bagels fresh at home within 1.5 hrs.

Almond Sugar Pinwheel Cookies (Low Carb)

These cookies are to die for. I literally couldn’t stop eating them. But that’s okay – at only 1 net carb per cookie- no need to worry about indulging myself.

You can put my famous chia jam in the middle, combine other of my holiday cookie doughs from my new book “Homemade Holiday” .

KETO Gingerbread Cookies (sooo good!)

Great for decorating and easy to work with! DEFINITELY my fav Christmas cookie this year to eat.

Get your baking stuff out right now, because you don’t want to skip making these. don’t forget to check out my Keto, Low Carb Holiday Cookbook to get more yummy holiday treats such as this one!