The Worlds Best Keto Butter Chicken

I have a confession, I LOVE Indian food. I have ever since I was a little girl. I have been cooking Indian for many years, so it just comes naturally when transforming it into a keto dish. It can be difficult when trying out different spices with different ratios. But I got it! THE WORLDSContinue reading “The Worlds Best Keto Butter Chicken”

Eggs Benedict w/ Stephanie’s Special Hollandaise Sauce

  Are you looking for that super yummy breakfast meal?! Well here it is!  Pair it with my special quick “Cheesy Sour Dough and Chive Rounds” from my upcoming book “The Best of Keto” and you have never tried something this good on your plate! Stay tuned for the release date! Drop me a lineContinue reading “Eggs Benedict w/ Stephanie’s Special Hollandaise Sauce”