Greek Cucumber Spirals

2018-01-17 07.18.16Well, here it is! Last night’s dinner salad recipe! It was so easy and definitely can’t wait to make it again! Drop me a line on my website and tell me how you liked this recipe! Tag me in your pictures if you make it! I love seeing others cook my dishes!

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PREP TIME 10 Minutes

COOK TIME 0 Minutes



· 1 Large Cucumber (Peeled and Cleaned)

· 2 Tbsp Feta Cheese

· 2 Tbsp Sliced Black Olives

· ¼ Sliced Onion

· 2 Tbsp Olive Oil

· 1 Tsp Oregano

· 1 Tsp Basil

· ¼ Tsp Dill


1. Spiralize cucumber and put in bowl.

2. Add rest of ingredients and toss until combined.

3. Serve cold.

Nutritional Information

Total Fat 22.8g

Total Carbohydrates 7G

Dietary Fiber 1.6g

Protein 4.9g

Net carbs per serving: 5.4g


* You can use different dressings and add different veggies to suit your taste buds!


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